jeudi 10 novembre 2011

[Net2SharePwn] - 1.0b

Net2SharePwn is an utility to check and exploit automatically the NetBIOS Network Shares available from network access points.

Question: How do you identify THE FILE containing a password to elevate your network or system privileges, when too much domains or IP addresses are present? The time is an important factor in this situation … and during penetration testing, it’s common to identify a VBS script embedding a domain administrator account password.
Answer: Net2SharePwn has been built to allow that.

Net2SharePwn is built in Python (tested on Python2.6) and can be launched only on Linux and Mac OS x platforms.

I apologize for Python coding, it doesn’t respect the best practices but I didn’t predict to publish Net2SharePwn
Net2SharePwn is perhaps developed “with my feet” but it is functional.

You can, if you want to, modify this program to adapt it for your personal usage.
Download : Readme (very important !)
Download : Net2SharePwn